The Black Care Directory

The Black Care Directory is a Consortium of Black Owned Businesses with Products and Services to help Foster Carers and Adopters, care for the Black Children or Young People they Foster and Adopt. 

Access to these Products and Services will help the Black Care Experienced Children and Young People stay connected to their Heritage and learn more about their Culture and Identity.

Please note: Products and Services will be available at the cost specified by the Business Owner.


Natural Hair Salons

Natural Beauty based in Barkingside, Essex.

Purely Natural based in Stratford, East London. Hair Products by Anastasia also available.

Charlotte Mensah based in West London.

The Curl Bar based in North London.

The Palms Peckham based in South London.

Curls and Kinks Hair Studio based in East London.


Hair Force based in Ilford, Essex.

F4Fade based in West London and South West London.

Slider Cuts based in Greater London.

Damez Mobile Barbers. In London and the surrounding areas.

North West England

Natural Hair Salon

Glam Gorgeous based in Manchester.

North East England

Natural Hair Salon

Ruth Codinha based in Newcastle.


Natural Hair Salon

Freedom Edge based in Birmingham.


Smart Cutz based in West Midlands.

South West

Natural Hair Salon

Hairticians based in Bristol.

Yorkshire and the Humber

Natural Hair Salon

Elite Hair Studio based in Leeds.

Natural Hair Care Products

Available Online

Natural Skin Care Products

Available Online

Training & Support

Sarah Roberts is the founder of the brand Saffron Jade and is a healthy hair consultant, author, educator, and passionate advocate for the overall health and well-being of Afro-textured hair, promoting healthy skin and hair care for Black and Mixed heritage children.  Sarah provides workshops for Foster Carers, Parents and Children and Young People, promoting healthy hair and skin care and the impact on children’s emotional well-being, linked to cultural heritage, identity, and feelings of self-worth.  Sarah is a qualified Social Worker with over 20 experiences within Children’s Services. 

Zoe Thomas offers social work services, consultancy and training specialising in the importance of skin and hair to the identity of black children and young people. Zoe’s approach utilises a healing, reparation model which is grounded in decolonisation and care giving.


Designed for those who Care For, Support and Teach Black Children and Young People in Care, this workshop style training course will empower you with Knowledge & Insight into the Challenges faced by the Black Child or Young Person in your Care and in your School, provide you with Guidance on how to help improve the Care, Outcomes and Life Chances of the Black Child or Young Person in your Care and in your School, and empower you with Practical Skills to help you personally develop and plan your way forward to make an impactful difference in the life of the Black Child or Young Person in your Care and in your School. Delivered by Judith AM Denton, course details can be found at The Transformed You.

A Seat at the Table are a black and brown led community group based in Brighton, supporting Children, Young People and their Parents, Foster Carers and Adopters, in our diverse communities with issues around wellbeing – who may have SEN (Special Educational Needs), hidden disabilities or issues related to their racial identity. The aim of A Seat at the Table is to give a voice and a safe space to the hidden and unheard.

Books & Magazines

Books may also be available in the Bookstores Listed Below

Cocoa Magazines

Cocoa is the UK’s 1st Magazine representing Black children. The Magazine is Founded by Serlina Boyd, who was inspired by her daughter Faith. It is filled with inspiring and empowering content for children aged 7 – 11 years old. The Magazine celebrates Black Girls and Black Boys, gives them a voice and at the same time educates the community about Black Culture. The Magazines are bi-monthly and published 6 times a year. They can be purchased at various stores or delivered to you by way of a Subscription. Full details can be found on the Cocoa Girl and Cocoa Boy websites.

Cocoa Girl Awesome Hair written by Serlina Boyd. Available on Amazon from August 5th, 2021.

Becoming written by Michelle Obama, adapted for Younger Readers. Available on Amazon.

Exceptional Men in Black History written by Vashti Harrison. Available on Amazon.

I Love My Hair written by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley. Available on Amazon.

My Brown Skin written by Dr Thomishia Booker. Available on Amazon.

I Am Enough written by Grace Byers. Available on Amazon.

I Believe I Can written by Grace Byers. Available on Amazon.

Sulwe written by Lupita Nyong’o. Available on Amazon.

I’m Mixed written by Maggy Williams. Available on Amazon.

Young Gifted and Black written by Jamia Wilson. Available on Amazon.

Dance With Oti written by Oti Mabuse. Available on Amazon from 27th May, 2021.

The Hill We Climb written by Amanda Gorman. Available on Amazon.

Best Bites Cook Book written by Omari McQueen. Available on Amazon.

Mixed Other written by Natalie Morris. Available on Amazon from April 15th, 2021.

Bold Women in Black History written by Vashti Harrison. Available from Amazon.

Black Children in Care: Health, Hair and Skin written by Denise Lewis and Flora Awolaja. Available from Amazon.

Foster Care and Me written by Judith AM Denton. Available from Books by Judith.

My Name Is Why written by Lemn Sissay. Available from Amazon.

Call Me Auntie, written by Anne Harrison. Available from Amazon.

Black and British, A Short Essential History written by David Olusogo. Available from Amazon.

Grown: A Black Girls’ Guide to Glowing Up, written by Best Friends Melissa Cummings – Quarry and Natalie A. Carter. Available from Amazon. The authors are also Co -Founders of Black Girls Book Club.

The Natural Hair Journal written by Jamelia. Available from Amazon.

Marcus Rashford, You are a Champion is available from Amazon.



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