Welcome to The Black Care Experience.

In November 2020, The Black Care Experience launched a Survey with the aim of gathering the experiences of ALL Black Care Experienced of ALL age groups, in order to document ALL of our experiences, in a Report filled with evidence, solutions and recommendations, to be delivered to the Chair of England’s Care Review, to help shape the care of the Black Care Experienced.

Black being defined as a person whose Ethnic Origin is either African, Caribbean including Mixed Race with African or Caribbean Heritage

Our Survey captured the impact and outcomes of those of us placed with a Foster Family, in a Residential Care Home and in a Community, we could not or can not culturally identify with, along with capturing the impact and outcomes of those of us who were placed with a Foster Family, in a Residential Care Home and in a Community, we could or can culturally identified with. This comparison helps to provide a balanced view in the Report, for the way forward for change.

Understanding the importance and value of our History, our aim is for the Report to also be made easily accessible, providing a footprint for the next Black and In Care Generation.

The Report will also be made available for the wider Children’s Social Care Community to understand us and learn from our experiences on how to ‘Care For’ those who are Black and In Care.

A Big THANK YOU to all our Black Care Experienced who completed Our Survey, which closed on Friday 18th December 2020. Please feel free to stay connected with us, as we continue Our journey.

To help Foster Carers and Adopters learn and understand how to care for the Black Children or Young People they Foster and Adopt, we’ve created The Black Care Directory, a Consortium of Black Owned Businesses offering their Products and Services to be a part of Our Village helping to provide Black Care. We also believe that access to these Products and Services will help the Black Care Experienced Children and Young People stay connected to their Heritage and learn more about their Culture and Identity.

#OurCareMatters #TheBlackCareExperience

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